Denise Marshall-Miller, MBA

Denise Marshall-Miller, MBA

Manager - Bond Trading, Equity & Stockbroking

Mrs. Denise Marshall-Miller joined the Victoria Mutual Wealth Management Limited (VM Wealth) team as Manager–Bond Trading in January 2011.  Her mandate is to facilitate the growth of bond trading revenue by providing clients with diversified bond options.

Towards this end, she focuses on building and expanding trading relationship with overseas counterparts, providing guidance to the Bond Trading Team and deepening relations with existing VM Wealth clients.

Mrs. Marshall-Miller has over a decade of experience in the Finance Industry and has built a strong track record as a successful Fixed Income Trader.  She consistently demonstrates her expertise in deal structuring, Corporate and Sovereign Bond Trading, US Treasury and Treasury Management.

Her career in investment started at Mayberry Investment as a Wealth Advisor and quickly accelerated to that of Manager, Market & Trading Unit.  Her core competence entails the creation of customised portfolios specifically designed to meet clients’ investment needs and maximise returns.

A certified Trader from the Morgan Keegan Bond Schools, Mrs. Marshall-Miller holds an MBA from the Mona School of Business and a BBA (Hons) from the University of Technology with a major in Finance.

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